How the squishy toys help your mood and feeling...

The squishy toys, they are simply squishy. Squish them while at work, school, home, in the car.  Not only they are cute to see, they are also soft to touch and slow rise when you squeeze it.  

Squishy Apple

Squeezing a squishy is like crushing a loaf of Wonder Bread between your fingers, only to watch it magically re-inflate back to its original form.

Squishy toys come in different variety, they are different cute animals, food shape, body part shapes, and some come as giant huge-able items.

Squishy Donuts Role

Not only they are cute and great to have, they are also like anytime toys where you actually enjoy them just by looking at how cute it is and touching it make it a worthwhile things to do.  The squishy toys are like fidget toys where you fidget around with it to help you focus, reduce stress and anxiety, keep you calm.

The benefit of these squishy toys are below:

  • Soothing power at your fingertip, feel the softness and smooth texture when you squeeze them.  That soothing feeling will calm you down in any situation
  • Calm your feeling, just like fidget toys but better as they are squeezable and adorable, this little squishy help you concentrate, focus, reduce stress.
  • Fun and nice to look at, these squishy things are just too cute and by looking at it make you feel good already.  Not only they are fun to look at but some offer a wonderful scent.  The more you squeeze and see it rise, the more scent come out.
  • A good decoration items for your home, office, work place as well, as long as you can resist your temptation of trying to squeeze it in your hand all the time.
  • The squishy toys help children with Autism to focus and stay on course with their daily lives.  The squishy toys just take those anxiety away and bring with it the calmness and concentration.  It is pretty cool to have.

Be caution though, these squishy toys are fun to look, touch, squeeze but they are not for eating or biting.  You may need to keep children under 3 years old away.


Other than that, enjoy squishy and let them spring back....

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